Activities to Beat the Summer Heat with Littles

Activities to Beat the Summer Heat with Littles

Summer is awesome, but it gets really hot and taking babies and toddlers to and fro can become a less than fun activity. Having some go-to activities planned will help you to keep your littles entertained, while keeping cool physically and mentally!  Here are some awesome activities to beat the Summer heat with littles.

Get a water table or baby pool for the backyard

This one won’t really keep you cool, but it will keep the littles cool and entertained.  They can splash in the water and play with water toys while you hang out with them and catch some rays.  Here is an awesome water table that our friends gifted us with; our son absolutely loves this thing and he is only a year old.  Also, here and here are two great baby pool options for your backyard!

Go to the splash park

This is a fun one when your littles start walking and it is a great activity to get together and do with other moms.  There are often splash parks for little ones in various places around town.  This will help you get out and socialize while letting your little one play in the cool water.  Just make sure to bring your hat and sunscreen to avoid getting too much sun!

Go to the discovery or children’s museum

This is a great indoor option to keep your little entertained for hours, and it is also a great activity to do with other moms!  Check out the local kid’s museum in your area, and many of them have an area specific for young ones and toddlers to play in.  This will allow your little to explore in a cool, air-conditioned area while you get to watch them enjoy the fun.

Make some summer crafts indoors

If you have air-conditioning in your house, you probably want to stay inside as much as possible on those hot summer days.  The problem is that little ones, and you, can get restless.  Have the best of both worlds by doing some entertaining summer crafts with your little one!  Toddlers can be hard to do crafts with, but here are a couple of great options for those younger guys:

Shaving Cream Painting

Multiple Activities Including Edible Slime!

Sponge Painting (great for toddlers)

Foam Paints for Indoors/Outdoors

Make some cool summer treats to eat

Making food can be a fun and entertaining activity, especially for toddlers, but you don’t want to try anything too complicated.  One great option is popsicles or frozen chocolate bananas with some sprinkles or other toppings that your littles can enjoy later.  Here are some great recipes for summer treats:

Frozen Yogurt Bananas

Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

Frozen Fruit Pops

Make an indoor fort

If your house is air conditioned, you may want to just have some fun indoors without having to go somewhere else.  Making a cute little blanket fort can be a great activity.  You can build the fort and then spend time playing, reading, or watching movies in there during the day.  Littles will think that it is a fun adventure, and it is not too much hassle to get set up!


This one definitely requires a little bit of pre-planning to make happen, but it is a great way to get your kiddos out in nature and travel to a place that is a little cooler than your current area.  There are also lots of things for kids to explore while camping, so keeping them entertained can prove a bit easier.  So get some friends/family together and plan a trip this Summer!  Don’t forget all of the essentials for camping with babies/toddlers with this easy checklist.

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