Amazing Deals on Amazon Today for Littles

Amazing Deals on Amazon Today for Littles

We are soon approaching the due date for baby number 2, but I am still browsing Amazon on a daily basis for the best deals on things for those little ones in your life.  Here are the amazing deals on Amazon today for littles!

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Storage solutions (heavily discounted)

These storage baskets are attractive looking and could be used for storage in your little one’s room or closet.  The set comes with 4 bins for a very discounted price today!  Check them out and start to decrease some of the clutter that little ones can accumulate.

Night Light/Sound Machine

This sound machine doubles as a night light for your little one’s room, and it is portable and battery operated.  Many of you know that I am a big proponent of white noise to help little ones fall and stay asleep throughout naps and nighttime.  We have had white noise in our kiddo’s room since he was very young and I can honestly say that it has helped him stay asleep even if we are doing things around the house.  Please check this one out and get a deal on it today.

Toddler Bed

If you do not have a convertible crib for your little one or if you are expecting another baby soon, then you are likely in the market for a new toddler bed.  This option on Amazon is on sale today and could be the simple starter bed that you have been looking for!


Amazon is still running coupons for dollars off of very large boxes of diapers meaning that you can get these for much less (in terms of cost per diaper) than you would find in store.  Check out the links for Pull-ups, Luvs, and Huggies for these great deals.

Back Seat Organizer

Traveling with littles means that you have so many more things, especially things to keep them occupied in the car.  Sippy cups, snacks, books, toys, and tablets…….. just to name a few.  Check out this organizer for the back of the seat that will help you keep (at least some) of these things organized and within easy reach.


Please also be sure to check out my top 10 baby buys on Amazon for the products that we have used and absolutely love!
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Amazing Deals on Amazon Today for Littles

Amazing Deals on Amazon Today for Littles

I am hopeful that everyone took full advantage of Amazon Prime day earlier this week.  There were some amazing deals to be had, and I definitely bought too much stuff…… At least I got it at a great price though!  Prime day is not the only day with great deals though, so here are the amazing deals on Amazon today for littles.

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Summer Infant Dual View Video Monitor

This is the video monitor that we personally have, and I even featured it on my post regarding my top 10 baby buys on Amazon.  The video quality is amazing, even in pitch black, and you can monitor up to 4 rooms at once.  The system comes with two cameras, and additional cameras can be purchased to monitor up to the 4 rooms.  We purchased our system for much more than it is advertised for right now, so make sure to get it while you can at this price!

Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air Carseat

This carseat is also featured in my article above, and it is the seat that we have for our son and have purchased again for our little one due in a few weeks.  We have been using this seat since my son was about 8 weeks old and it has been incredible.  It is easy to install, clean, and modify as baby grows.  Check it out below!

Ultralight Jogging Stroller

There are some joggers out there that can range up into the $500 dollar range for a single child jogger.  Unless I was a serious runner, I could not justify spending that much money on a jogger.  The one below is nearly $70 off right now and has great reviews.  This could be a great mid range jogger for anyone in the market.

Infant Crib Bedding Set

These 13 piece sets are on sale for various discounted prices depending on the pattern desired.  This could be a great baby shower gift or an inexpensive way to decorate your personal nursery.  The different patterns can be seen here.


Thank you for checking out this segment!  I will be keeping up with everyone through my Facebook page and Twitter so please check those out to the right!  We have baby number 2 due any day now so I will be taking a short break, but I will be back to let everyone know how we are handling the challenge of 2 under 2.




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Surviving Camping with Babies and Toddlers

Surviving Camping with Babies and Toddlers

Camping is an awesome Summer activity, but it can definitely be stressful and tiring with babies and toddlers.  Taking them out of their element can turn them into fussy and unruly little ones.  Being prepared can help ease some of this transition, and it will make for a more enjoyable trip.  Here are some tips for surviving camping with babies and toddlers from a mom that does not like to stress on vacation!

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Bring the Food that your Little will Eat

If you are still EBF your little then you should be good to go!  If your little needs formula, then you need to make sure that you bring the formula and enough bottled water to last the duration of the trip for formula.  If your little is eating solids then make sure that you plan accordingly.  Our little is currently in a stage where he will only eat about 5 foods consistently.  We made sure that we brought enough of these 5 foods to last him the 4 days that we camped for, and we gave him the option to eat other things that the adults ate in addition to his preferred foods.  Camping is not the time to have a hungry cranky toddler that you are trying to force new foods on.

Have a Plan for Naps

We quickly figured out that our little guy would not nap in his pack-n-play in the tent as it was too bright and noisy in the campground.  The noise problem we fixed with our white noise machine (see here), which I highly recommend, but the brightness ended up being a consistent issue.  We did end up having him nap during the day in a friend’s trailer which worked out great, but this may not be an option for you.  If you have the ability to get a dark rest tent before going on your trip I would highly recommend it.  You can see a great option for this below; it keeps the tent dark and cool throughout the day for optimal baby sleep.

Make Sure that you are Keeping Baby Comfortable

Weather, especially daytime to nighttime temperature shifts, can be unpredictable when camping.  It would be a wise choice to make sure that you bring plenty of light daytime clothing and heavy nighttime pajamas for your little.  You may also want to invest in a fan for your tent, like this one, and possibly a baby sleep sack/sleeping bag if your little one does not know how to use blankets yet or is not old enough to use them safely.

Be Prepared for Injuries and Illness

Camping is a great time for the family, but there are bound to be lots of falls, scrapes, teething pain, and other concerns along the way.  Be prepared for any problem by having a first aid kit complete with bandaids, antiseptic, and children’s medications like Tylenol and Benadryl.  Also, make sure that you are prepared for sun and bugs with appropriate baby/toddler sunscreen and bug spray.

Have a Plan for What your Littles are Going to do

This one was especially difficult for us on this last camping trip as our son is not yet walking but wants to be down on the ground exploring or held. One option for this stage is to bring an outside pack-n-play for your little to play in if they will stand for that, which our little guy would not.  We ended up bring his push bike (awesome buy in my opinion! See below) and my Ergo carrier, which kept him pretty happy when he was not eating/sleeping.  We did have a fun homemade water table that he could stand at unassisted and play with as well so that worked out.

For walking toddlers, you may want to bring an outdoor mat with some toys to play with or something like a water table for them to stay occupied with.  They will want to cruise around and explore, but there will be times that you want to keep them somewhat contained and entertained so you are not chasing them around the entire time.  For these guys, you may also want to bring a jogger or carrier if you plan on going on any walks or hikes while you are away.

Make Sure that you Bring Everything

This one is a big one because you don’t want to get to your destination and realize that you forgot something that is “necessary” for your little one.  For convenience, I have compiled a list of necessities for camping with babies/toddlers and have created a free printable checklist so that you don’t forget a thing.  Please check that out by clicking the picture below!

Please comment below to let me know how I am doing, and please subscribe for updates on content and giveaways!



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Amazing Deals on Amazon for Littles Today

Amazing Deals on Amazon for Littles Today

I have been busy this morning checking out the great deals on Amazon for babies and toddlers, and as usual there are quite a few.  We currently have a 1 year old and are expecting baby number 2 in the next month, so deals are definitely something that I keep my eye out for on a daily basis.  I plan to keep doing this feature on a weekly basis so please check back in for the latest deals or like me on Facebook (right hand side of the page) for easy updates on these posts.  Here are the amazing deals on Amazon for littles today.

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Nursing Cover

For anyone who is expecting or looking for a great baby shower gift, a comfortable nursing cover can be a great purchase.  This one is highly discounted right now, highly reviewed, and is a style that many breastfeeding moms prefer as it allows them to see the baby while being covered up.  It is also available in multiple colors at this discounted price. Please check it out here!

Diaper Bags

This first bag looks very much like a nice purse or business bag for those that are looking for something other than the traditional animal printed diaper bag.  This brand of diaper bags (Skip Hop) generally run on the higher end of the price spectrum, but this one is discounted significantly today.  The second bag is one of my favorite styles (backpack) because of its functionality.  This one is highly rated and on sale today!  Please check them out below.


Honest Company Diapers

We do not personally use this brand, but I know that many mommas swear by the Honest Co. brand diapers.  Right now, Amazon has $3.00 off coupons on nearly all versions of these diapers.  You can check them out here!  Amazon also still has coupons for diaper brand like Luvs and Huggies as well if you have not yet checked these out!

Enfamil Formula

Formula can be a serious expense for parents, and often, babies do not tolerate the generic brand formulas for one reason or another.  Currently, Enfamil formula (in bulk) is available on Amazon for a much cheaper price per ounce than you will find at any grocery store (Roughly 0.40 cents less per ounce).  If you are able to buy in bulk you could benefit from serious price savings, and you can view this great deal here.

HelloBaby Video Monitor (nearly half off!)

This video monitor is not the one that we personally have, but if you are looking into a video monitor this would be a good one to check out!  The reviews are comparable to other video monitoring systems and it is available at a deeply discounted price today.  This monitor also has the ability to monitor temperature, use night vision, and a second camera system can be added for monitoring multiple rooms.  Please check it out below!


These are some of the deals that I found today, and I will keep looking on a daily basis for more great deals.  Please remember to subscribe on the right, and like me on Facebook/Twitter for updates on content and giveaways!



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Amazing Deals on Amazon for Littles Today!

Amazing Deals on Amazon for Littles Today!

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of buying everything possible through Amazon through my Prime membership.  These deals are specific to those with a Prime membership, but if you do not have one you can easily sign up for a trial membership here and reap these benefits.  I find that buying items through Amazon for little ones usually yields a bigger cost savings than buying items in bulk, and these items are at an even bigger discount today.  So, here are some amazing deals on Amazon for littles today!

As this is a post regarding products, there are affiliate links included.

Luvs Diapers and others!

“Ginormous” (biggest size you can get) boxes of Luvs diapers are deeply discounted right now, and with your Prime membership you get them with 2 day shipping and an extra $2.00 off coupon at checkout.  The price per diaper right now is between 0.09 and 0.11, which is very low compared to buying in store or buying other brands.  You can get them in every size, and here is an easy link to choose your size option in the ginormous box size.

There are also multiple coupons available for other brands of diapers today including Pampers and Huggies!

Eddie Bauer Crib ($100 off!)

This crib is really cute, and Eddie Bauer is a very reputable brand in general.  If you are looking for a crib for an upcoming little one this is definitely a deal to check out today!  You can see this crib below, but note that the discount is applied at checkout so the price seen is NOT the discounted price!

Graco Infant Travel System ($50 off!)

Below you will see the Graco Travel system that is discounted for Amazon prime members.  This is much less expensive than most travel systems that you would see in stores depending on your preference of Brand and style.  If you are not picky on color then this would be a great gender neutral travel system to pick up for a little one!


These are just a few of the really awesome deals that I found today, and I will continue to check back and let everyone know about more deeply discounted items as I find them. I plan to make this at least a weekly series for my readers, and I will be sharing links to these posts on Facebook and Twitter so please be sure to follow me on these social media outlets on the right hand side of the page.

Also, make sure that you tune in for Amazon prime day on July 11th for amazing new deals every 5 minutes!



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A Third Full Month of Meals Planned

A Third Full Month of Meals Planned

I really believe that frugality begins with proper planning, and monthly meal planning has really helped us to keep our budget on track.  We rarely go to the grocery store throughout the month for “extras”, other than milk for our little guy, after our one big shopping trip.  Also, having a plan makes it easy to prepare for what we are making and not have to worry about what we are making for dinner each night.  Below you will see the menu for a third full month of meals planned by me, and you simply need to subscribe at the top or right hand side of the page to be sent the link to this, and every, monthly meal plan!

Meals for Month 3:

Bacon wrapped chicken bites

Brown sugar pork loin

Chicken pesto pockets

BBQ/Roasted tri-tip

Beef tips

Chef salads


Parmesan garlic chicken thighs


Chicken pot pies


Shrimp kabobs

Philly cheese steak sandwiches

Homemade pizza

Chicken and broccoli Alfredo

Parmesan chicken fingers

Crockpot ranch pork chops

Breakfast for dinner

Taco chili

Chicken and dumplings

Honey garlic chicken

Shepard’s pie

Grilled cheese and soups

Beef stroganoff

Chili verde tacos

Chili and cornbread

Shrimp pasta



Please subscribe to receive this awesome plan with all recipes and grocery list included!  Also, be sure to check out month 1 and month 2 that you will also receive when you subscribe.

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Baby Keepsake Memories Shadowbox

Baby Keepsake Memories Shadowbox

Well, you have your new little bundle of joy, but now what are you going to do with all of the keepsakes?  Things like the outfit your baby wore home from the hospital, their/your medical ID band, ultrasound photos, birth information, hospital hat, and birth photos.  You could put these items in a box to never be seen again, or you could put them up in a creative display for everyone to see!  This is an idea that I saw on Pinterest a while back, but there weren’t any instructions to go along with it (I am a person that requires instructions for anything that is even the slightest bit crafty).  Here are some general instructions for this baby keepsake memories shadowbox, but you can definitely modify and add things as you wish.

Here is how ours turned out:

Necessary Materials:

  • A shadowbox- I chose this one off Amazon as it was on the lower end of the price range and big enough to fit everything I wanted in there.
  • Pictures (ultrasound and post birth), baby’s coming home outfit and hospital hat, hospital bracelets from mom/dad/baby
  • Card stock decorative paper (you can buy in the multi-pack like this)
  • Stick glue and small pins from the sewing section (at least for this shadow box)
  • A sewing kit tape measure
  • Cute stickers/tags to use for decorating and adding a name
  • Maybe a cute old-school pocket watch (if you happen to find one) to set for the time your baby was born



  1. Put your pictures on decorative cardstock paper and cut out a border (you may want to do all one color/pattern or different for each one)
  2. Cut your tape measure to match your baby’s birth length
  3. Make decorative tags with your baby’s name and birth information if you like
  4. Arrange everything in the shadowbox how you want it to be arranged
  5. Use push pins to secure everything into place- the shadowbox that I purchased had linen over Styrofoam on the inside so push pins were the best option; however, if you have a more traditional backing then you could use hot glue or another adhesive
  6. Close up your frame and hang it!


Mine came out as pictured above and I am pretty happy with the results.  It will hang in our house alongside other crafts that we have made with our little guy and a frame with his first year in pictures.  We plan to do this with each kiddo so that we can see their baby memories on a daily basis!

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10 Freezer Meals to Make before Baby Arrives

10 Freezer Meals to Make before Baby Arrives

Having a new baby is awesome, but I guarantee that you will be tired…… really tired.  You likely will not have the time or the energy to even take a daily shower let alone prepare a home-cooked meal for your family, and that is okay!  You did just birth a human after all, and you likely still have other responsibilities to tend to like other little ones and daily mom duties!  Making some meals before the baby is born can be a huge time and energy saver for after your new little one comes home.  So, here at 10 freezer meals to make before baby arrives to make the transition smoother for everyone!

You can also check out my post on monthly meal planning here to make life easier all around!

Chicken Pot Pies

These are very easy to make and freeze in disposable foil containers to be heated in the oven.  You will need a 3 pack of the small bread loaf foil pans for this recipe (the big ones are generally too large for a single person).  You will need 2 chicken breasts (cooked and shredded), 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 2 cups frozen mixed veggies, liberal salt/pepper, 1 TBSP dried parsley, a small dollop of milk, and a box of ready to make pie crust.  You will combine all ingredients, other than the crust, in a large mixing bowl and combine.  Divide the mixture between the 3 pans.  Prepare the pie crust according to package directions, roll out, and cover the top of the foil containers with crust (slice a few venting slots in the top of the crust).  Cover with foil and freeze.  To reheat, remove foil and bake at 400 for roughly an hour (the crust will be brown on top when done).

Chili and Taco Chili

This is an easy one to pre-make in large batches and quickly reheat in the evening.  For regular chili, you will need 1 lb ground beef/turkey, 1 can kidney beans (drained), 1 can black beans (drained), 2 small cans of tomato sauce, and 1 packet of chili seasoning.  Simply brown the ground beef, add the remaining ingredients, and simmer until warm.  For taco chili, you will need 1 lb ground beef/turkey, 1 can kidney beans (drained), 1 can black beans (drained), 1 can corn (drained), 1 cup of salsa, 1 packet of taco seasoning, and 1 small can of tomato sauce.  Follow the same direction as for regular chili.  These are great to reheat in the crockpot, and you can serve them with cornbread, Fritos chips, cheese, onions, or other toppings!

Crockpot Beef Tips

This is another meal that is easily frozen and cooked in the crockpot.  In a large ziplock bag, simply combine 1-2 lb beef stew meat, 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1 cup water, 1 brown gravy packet, and 1 onion soup mix packet.  Freeze, defrost, and cook on low in the crockpot for 6-8 hours.  Serve with some delicious mashed potatoes!

Pot Roast

The only ingredient that you will need to add to this one after defrosting is potatoes as they do not freeze well in my opinion.  To prep, combine 1 large roast, 1.5 cups baby carrots, 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1 can cream of celery soup, 3 TBSP ketchup, 2 onion soup mix packets, and about ¼ cup of water in a large bag.  Freeze and thaw the day before making.  Place all ingredients plus some chopped red potatoes in your crockpot on low for 6-8 hours, shred the roast, and serve.

Chili Colorado

This is probably one of the easiest recipes I know.  In a large ziplock bag, combine 1 large pork roast, 1 large can of red enchilada sauce, and 1 beef bouillon cube.  When ready to make, simply defrost and cook on low in the crockpot for 8 hours.  Shred the roast in the sauce and serve with rice, beans, and other taco toppings in some tortillas.

Chicken and Dumplings

This is a comfort food item to the max! In a large bag combine 2 chicken breasts, 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 2 cups chicken broth, 1 TBSP poultry seasoning, and 1 TBSP dried parsley.  When ready to make, defrost and place in the crockpot on low for 8 hours.  Shred the chicken and place back in the pot.  Take 5 refrigerated biscuits and cut each into 9 small pieces.  Place biscuit pieces in the crockpot and cook on high for 1 hour until the “dumplings” are cooked.


For this recipe, you will need 2 chicken breasts (cooked and shredded), 2 cans of black beans (drained), 1 cup cooked white rice, 1 cup salsa, 1 packet taco seasoning, 1.5 cup shredded cheddar cheese, 1 can copped jalapeños (if you like a little spice), 8 soft-taco size tortillas, and 1 small can of green enchilada sauce.  To begin, in a large pot or saucepan, combine chicken, beans, rice, jalapeños, salsa, taco seasoning, and half of the cheese until heated through.  Divide the mixture evenly between the 8 tortillas, wrap them, and place in a greased 9×13 aluminum pan.  Cover with foil and freeze.  To reheat, defrost and remove foil, cover enchiladas with green sauce (you may not use the whole can), and bake at 350F for 50 minutes.  Top with the remaining amount of cheese (or however much you like) and bake until bubbly.

Burgers/Patty Melts

This recipe will make at least 2 meals worth of patties and you can use them for burgers or yummy patty melts on sourdough.  I prefer to freeze them uncooked, but you can certainly cook them before freezing to make reheating much easier.  You will need 1 lb ground turkey, 1 lb ground pork, 1 package hamburger seasoning, salt/pepper, ¼ cup breadcrumbs, and 2 TBSP ketchup.  Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and form into patties.  Freeze these in large ziplock bags flat in your freezer for use later.


These are something that I cook before freezing so that I can just throw them in the crockpot frozen with some sauce to reheat during the day while I am at work.  It is so easy!  For these, you will need 1 lb ground pork, 1 lb ground turkey, 2 packets of meatball seasoning, ¼ cup of breadcrumbs, and a dollop of ketchup.  Now you can season these to your liking instead if you want, but I find it super easy as a busy mom to just use the pre-made seasoning packets.  Mix all ingredients together, form into 1” meatballs, and cook on a foil lined baking sheet at 350 F for approximately 30 minutes.  The meatballs will be browned on the outside when done.  Let cool and freeze in meal sized portions in large ziplock bags.  To reheat, I just put the meatballs frozen in my crockpot with 2 jars of sauce on low for 8 hours to be served as meatball subs or with pasta.

Chicken Nuggets

For this recipe, you will need 2 (or more) chicken breasts, depending on how many you want to make.  You will also need 1 box of corn flakes cereal and a few eggs plus a dollop of milk for egg wash.  To make, cut the chicken into small cubes, whisk together the eggs and milk, and crush your corn flakes cereal until only very small pieces remain.  Coat chicken in egg wash and then in corn flakes; place on a baking sheet.  When done, bake nuggets at 350 F for approximately 30 minutes or until internal temp reaches 165 F.  Let cool and freeze in ziplock bags in meal sized portions.  Simply reheat in the oven until warm and serve with some fries or a salad.


These are just 10 of my favorite dinners to make ahead, and they are easy to prep!  For more inspiration for freezer meals there are many great sites out there; here and here are two of my favorites.

Before you go shopping, be sure to get the Ibotta app to get money back on every grocery purchase and a $10 bonus just for signing up!



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Great Baby Shower Gifts for First Time Moms

Great Baby Shower Gifts for First Time Moms

Many first time moms have no idea where to start when creating their registry for their first baby; they aren’t sure what they really need and what can wait.  If you have a friend or relative that is expecting their first little one, there are a lot of good options for useful gifts for them.  Below you will find a list of great baby shower gifts for first time moms with links to Amazon products!

*This post contains affiliate links*


Many first time parents will have a difficult time getting their newborn to sleep in the big, open space of a co-sleeper or pack-n-play next to their bed.  We found that a rock-n-play was the sleep and sanity saving sleep solution for our infant, and many other parents will agree.  It allows baby to sleep at a slight incline and it is cozy enough for them to not feel like there is too much space.  Below is a very reasonably priced option, but you can get more advanced ones that self-rock if you want!


Depending on the mom, you may have to determine whether to buy cloth or disposable diapers.  Either way, diapers and wipes are an essential for many new moms.  If you do plan on buying these, especially diapers, talk to the mom and ask her preference on brand so that they can keep it consistent.

Swaddles/Muslin Blankets

Babies like to feel cozy, and swaddling provides that comfort.  There is always the option of regular blankets, but two products that parents seem to love for swaddling are the Velcro secured swaddles and Muslin blankets.  They are easy to use and make a nice tight swaddle for baby.  Here are options for the Velcro swaddles and for Muslin blankets.

Baby Bath/Bath Essentials Kit

Bathing baby is an essential task, and many parents find it easier to bathe baby in the sink after some trial and error.  A big plastic baby bath is definitely an option, but a softer and sink friendly option is the Blooming Flower bath (seen below)! It would also be helpful for new moms to have bath essentials like baby shampoo/wash, washcloths, and lotion.  You can buy these all separately or get a new mom bath kit like this one!

Portable Baby Swing

Baby apparatuses are a dime a dozen, but a swing can be a great tool for new moms.  However, babies often outgrow them quickly and they usually take up quite a bit of space.  Having a portable, small swing can provide the convenience while still being easy to store away and move if needed.  Here is a budget friendly option, and here is an option with a few more bells and whistles!

Nursing Essentials

If you have a friend/relative who is planning on nursing, it would be helpful for them to have all of the nursing essentials in a cute gift basket.  This would include things like nipple cream, breast pads, burb clothes, a boppy pillow, and maybe even a breastfeeding cover.  Breastfeeding is hard enough without having to think about what you need to get ahead of time, so this would be a very helpful gift for a first time momma.

Bottle Warmer/Cleaning Set

If you have a friend that plans on bottle feeding, even if it is just when they return to work, they will likely want/need a bottle warmer and a cleaning set for their bottles.  Here is an inexpensive bottle warmer and cleaning set to check out.  Buying bottles is often not a great idea because every parent has a different preference, and their baby may not like the expensive ones that are purchased for them.

Onsies/Footed Pajamas

Infants often spend the majority of their time in onsies and pajamas rather than cute outfits simply for convenience and ease.  New moms will need some small clothing items like these, but they will also need them in bigger sizes so be sure to get some of those!  It is tempting to just buy the adorable frilly dress for your friend’s new little girl, but practicality leads us back to these simple clothing items.

Activity Center/Bouncer

As a new parent, you often find yourself with more baby play products than you can even find time to use; however, having a simple baby bouncer or floor activity center can be very helpful once baby is ready to explore the world around them.  It also allows the new mom to have a few minutes of hands free time!  Below is a great option for an activity center and one for an infant bouncer.

“Extras” Essentials Basket

Many new moms do not thing of the little “extras” that will be helpful after the baby is born.  You could make a basket of these items so that she doesn’t have to think about it or rush out and buy anything when she realizes that she needs it.  Things to include in this basket would be a thermometer, nail clippers, pacifiers, pacifier clips, bibs, baby-proofing items, washcloths, towels, and small toys/rattles.


** Be sure to also check out my post on great baby buys on Amazon, and make sure to get the Ebates app to get money back on many purchases made online and a $10 bonus for signing up!
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DIY Educational Crafts for Toddlers

DIY Educational Crafts for Toddlers

Toddlerhood is the peak time for teaching your little one new things and fostering those gross/fine motor skills.  However, store bought toys can be expensive and not really customized for each kiddo!  With these DIY educational crafts for toddlers, you can make learning fun and personal to your toddler.  Check them out!

Busy Book

This is an awesome DIY project that will keep your toddler learning and entertained for hours.  The book is usually made from felt, but you can make it of a sturdier material, and it can include pages with things like number/letter matching, colors, textures, and tactile skills (zippers, buttons, velcro).  This is a big project to take on as a DIY so I have yet to venture in to making one of these, but I plan to!  Here are a few of my favorite busy book ideas for pages and necessary items:

Busy Book 1

Busy Book 2

Busy Book 3

Magnetic Word Spelling

This one will require a tin box with a lid (preferably one that is attached so it doesn’t get lost), some Popsicle sticks, small magnets, glue, a sharpie, and a set (probably 2 sets) of the magnetic letters that you can use on the fridge.  You will write various words, at our child’s learning level, on individual Popsicle sticks with your sharpie; you will then glue a magnet to the back of each Popsicle stick.  When you are done, your child can pick out a word stick and stick it to the lid of their box, and then they can use the magnetic letters provided to spell it out on the lid as well!  You could also just write individual letters on the sticks for your child to start learning their letters.

Color Sorting

This is perfect for those little guys that are just starting to learn colors.  This is also a super inexpensive DIY project, and you can really make it whatever you want.  I have seen this done with colored cups/lids with large buttons (you will really need to keep an eye out with this option), or a really inexpensive option is to use half gallon milk jugs that you paint with the corresponding colors with a big selection of the craft puff balls.  We ended up making our son a big one with PVC pipe because we bought a ball pit that he totally hated and had 400 balls just lying around.  You can see our inspiration for this one here:

Color Sorting

Velcro Dressing, Alphabet/Number/Color Matching, Animals, Body Parts

This one will require that you can laminate, but it will be very much worth it and super inexpensive.  On each page of 8×11 paper, you will either draw or put a clip art person, letters, numbers, animals, or whatever you are matching/teaching.  Then, on another piece of paper you will put the items to be placed on the people or matched that can be cut out after laminated.  You will print all of your pages if need be, and then you will laminate them followed by cutting out all of the necessary pieces.  You will put velcro on the items to be matched and those that they are matching to so that your little can put them together.  Bonus!  You can also 3 hole punch your pages and keep them in a binder with a pencil zipper pouch or two to hold all of the pieces so that they don’t get lost.  This one is similar to the busy book, but takes less time in my opinion.

Tactile Learning Board

Babies and Toddlers love to explore new textures, and this give you an easy way to enhance their fine motor skills and use some of those extra pop top parts of disposable wipes bags.  You will need some of those pop tops or another item that your little can open, a variety of different textured items (next), some hot glue, and a board to put them all on.  Some ideas for textured items include: sandpaper, carpet squares, different fabrics, felt, feathery, hard plastic, foam, fuzzy, corduroy, and others.  You will just cut the textured piece to fit in the back of the snap open, glue it in, and then glue the snap opens to your board.  Your little one will be able to open, close, and feel different textures; keeping them entertained for hours!

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